Snipe Hunting Charters in Central Florida
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Guided Snipe Hunts

Snipe hunting is a fast action sport that will challenge the skills of any bird hunter. About the size of a mourning dove (around ten inches long) with a fast and erratic flight pattern, theseA successful hunt marshland birds flush with a raspy cry and require a quick shot.

Snipe are distinct in their appearance with a long bill, a striped head and back, a white belly and a unique orange spot on their back by their tail. Snipe are fast, hard to hit, and, for those up to the challenge, delicious. 

Snipe are migratory and are found in Central Florida wetlands during the southern leg of their migration.  They use their long bills to search out earth worms and other small morsels in the wet soil of freshwater marshes.  With their habitat quite different from ducks and geese, snipe hunting is done in open wetlands where it is rare to encounter other hunters. With the right boat, the right dog, and the right guide, a day of snipe hunting may be a challenge you would enjoy.

Rates for snipe hunts:

One person $350...............Two persons $425

Snipe hunting trips are customized to each hunter's individual needs. Contact Paul to organize your hunt at 407-718-7920.


Snipe hunting in Central Florida

Contact Capt. Paul for more information about snipe hunting in Central Florida.

Captian Paul with snipe

Captain Paul Cave after a morning of bird hunting in Central Florida near Orlando and the Mosquito Lagoon.

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