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Fly fishing the Mosquito Lagoon for redfish.

Welcome To Captain Paul Cave's "Fly-Fishing the Mosquito Lagoon"

Well known as "The Redfish Capitol of the World" the Mosquito Lagoon is a fishing destination for fly-fishers from the world over. Within an hour's drive of Orlando, the Mosquito Lagoon is located within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Canaveral National Seashore. Paul Cave, Mosuito Lagoon fly-fishing guide, with sea trout.As this is a protected wild life sanctuary the Mosquito Lagoon is, and will remain pristine and undeveloped.

The setting for countless television fishing shows featuring the resident year round population of redfish, the Lagoon holds numerous species of sport fish including Spotted Sea Trout (left), Snook, Black Drum, Southern Flounder, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and seasonal Tarpon.

Just east of Disney World and Orlando, the Mosquito Lagoon is a frequent destination for vacationers who want to experience the natural wonder of Florida. The Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon are rich with wild life. A top rated destination for bird watchers as well as fly-fishers, the Mosquito Lagoon is a part of Florida like no other. Wading birds are drawn to the the shallow grass flats as these are perfect for their own version of sight fishing.

Much of the Mosquito Lagoon is made up of grass flats, often with Mosqito Lagoon Redfish on Fly crystal clear water allowing excellent viability. With a maximum depth outside of the navigation channels of around six to eight feet, the Mosquito Lagoon has vast expanses of shallow grass flats of three feet to scant inches in depth. The most productive water is the often shallowest of these flats with big reds pushing up into these skinny waters with their tails, and at times even their backs, out of the water and visible to sight fishers.

It is not uncommon to fish large schools of redfish with fifty to several hundred fish in the school. The ultimate Mosquito Lagoon fly-fishing challenge is, however; hunting single or small groups of redfish tailing in the skinny water of the shallow grass flats. Pursuing these "tailing" reds makes for very exciting sight fishing!

Captain Paul Cave is a full time, professional, USCG licensed guide. Paul has fly-fished the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon system Mosquito Lagoon Redfish taken on Cave's wobblerfor over twenty five years. After having fished the West, Southeast, Florida Keys and Bahamas, Paul now makes the Mosquito Lagoon his home. With local knowledge shared by only a handful of guides, Paul knows the fish and can get his guests within casting range. Even novice fly-fishers will be able to experience the thrill of site fishing redfish on the "World Famous" Mosquito Lagoon. With "Gator" trout, snook, and tarpon thrown in the mix, there is plenty of exciting fishing to be done in skinny water.

Full day and half day charters are available for fly-fishing (or light tackle fishing) with sight fishing for tailing redfish a favorite of Captain Paul.

Please contact Captain Paul Cave at 407-718-7920 for more information on fly-fishing the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, and Sebastian Inlet.

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Oversized Redfish are year round residents of the Mosquito Lagoon and frequently willing to take a well placed fly. The above taken on 8 wt. TFO fly rods.

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish tailing in shallow water

Sight fishing the Mosquito Lagoon with a Redfish tailing in shallow water.

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