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Bass and Bream on Fly

The St. Johns River is paradise for largemouth bass, and so it follows for bass fishers. Known for the frequent catches of LARGE bass, the St. Johns River also holds significant numbers of “schoolie” bassPaul with bass on fly thatBass on fly are great fun on surface poppers.  The shear numbers of bass when matched to a five or six weight rod makes for unbeatable action on the long rod.

Located about half an hour’s drive west of the Mosquito Lagoon, the St. Johns River winds its way north toward Jacksonville covering a vast area of Central Florida. The diversity of wildlife along the river makes for an interesting day of sightseeing as well as fly-fishing. The presence of structure, aquatic vegetation, good water conditions, and a plentiful supply of food, combines to hold the unbelievable numbers of bass that the St. Johns bass fishery is famous for.

In addition to largemouth bass, feisty bream are ever-present and always willing to take a fly-fisher's Souther Shad on fly offering. In the winter months, when the weather in Central Florida is most pleasant, the St. Johns offers up a bonus of migratory American Shad. Averaging 2 to 3 pounds, with 5 pound fish frequently caught. These energetic and acrobatic fish are often referred to as “poor man’s tarpon” due to their similarity to baby tarpon in appearance and fighting style. Shad congregate in numbers in fast moving water along steep river banks and can provide hours of fishing fun. For local Floridians the arrival of the shad migration is the start of shad fishing frenzy.

Captain Paul has fished the St. Johns for years and knows the river and the fishes well. For a great day of fresh water fly-fishing, this is a fishery that has much to offer.

Contact Paul for more information about a St. Johns River Fishing Charter for bass, bream, and (in season) shad.

Paul Cave with St. Johns bass

Captain Paul Cave with a St. Johns River bass.

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