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Waterman 16

Fish where few can.

Backwaters Guide Service features the Hell's Bay Boatworks Waterman 16’. Boasting a draft of a mere 3 ½ inches, the Waterman allows access to vast areas of shallow fishing flats in the world famous Mosquito Lagoon unreachable by most others. These shallow flats are excellent for site fishing the resident Reds who probe the bottom in water so skinny their tails, and at time even their backs, are breaking the surface.

With a hull designed for silence on the water, Paul can position the fly-fisher within casting distance of feeding Reds without disturbing the tranquility of the flat. Then comes the hook up and the action that makes this fishery world renown.

Whether on the Mosquito Lagoon, the St. Johns River, or the fresh water marsh for birding, the Hell's Bay Boatworks Waterman 16 is a technical poling skiff that can do what few other boats can.Tibor and TFO under the gunnel This truly remarkable boat rides smooth and dry, runs shallow and poles silently. Designed with the fly-fisher in mind the casting deck is free of obstruction and leaves the fly line to clear without snags. An elevated forward casting platform allows better visibility for sight fishing. Extra rods are rigged and ready to go tucked away in “under the gunnels” rod racks. In addition, two very dry storage compartments are built in for safe transport of cameras and other gear that must be kept safe and dry.   After a short while on the water with Paul we think you will find the Waterman 16 to be the obvious choice for the shallow water stealth that makes this experience so unique and rewarding.

aterman 16'

Casting deck

Captain Paul Cave's Hell's Bay Boatworks Waterman 16' casting deck.


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